What Is Your Best Memory This Summer?

I posted a version of this question last year. I’m curious what your favorite summer memory is so far this year? Officially, we still have another month of summer. The season ends September 23. So, if you don’t have great memories, why not plan to start making some now?

For me, I decided to buy a movie theater season pass so I’ve seen some good summer movies so far. I still remember the essay I wrote for my college technology class. The professor was pontificating that in the future, and this was in the 90’s, people would not be going to the theater as much as watching videos at home. My point of view was that movie theater watching would still be relevant. There’s nothing quite like seeing a movie at a theater with others, no matter how great your home movie theater experience is. I wish I still had that essay to re-read my reasoning.

So, the movies I’ve seen so far are Sound of Freedom, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Dial of Destiny, Barbie, Are You There God it’s Me Margaret and Theater Camp. Are You There God came out in the Spring but is still trending on the charts. I enjoyed all of them to different degrees. I think Theater Camp wasn’t in enough theaters to give it a high ranking but it’s worth watching.

I traveled and read some good books too. I hope there will be more good memories to report. For now, let me know what you’ve experienced as highlights. Would love to hear your comments.