A few of my new friends

Meet Anna Maria, the rag doll.

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The Father’s Heart

My husband and I have been traveling on the East Coast spreading the gospel to many churches and people we meet outside of churches.  Our most dramatic experiences with people have been while we were traveling and taking what we thought were little off the road side tours to see sights but we realized later were divine appointments.

We have seen many salvations, healings and deliverances during these times. Mark 16:18. We are thankful the Holy Spirit is with us as we meet these people.  We are also very grateful for the many churches who have hosted us along the way.

We helped the Father’s Heart Ministries in Rochester, New York with their food ministry for the needy on one of the worst streets in the Rochester area. We met many wonderful people who were open to the gospel and welcomed prayer and ministry. The food they give out to the needy is restaurant quality. We were served a delicious pasta dinner for helping out!   www.thefathersheartroc.org






A Little Bit of Hope

Tammy was sitting down near the fence of the downtown San Diego Salvation Army. My husband and I had decided to walk to breakfast when we first spotted her. I wondered out loud if they were feeding the homeless that day and if anyone was praying for them. I had spent a little time praying for people at a food and prayer time at one of the local churches and thought it would be a good idea. Before I could finish my thought Tammy seemed to be reaching out to me. I asked her if she wanted prayer. She did.

Eventually we found out what her name was as we were praying. She had spent a lot of time on the streets of San Diego and her face and hands were littered with tumors. She did her best to hide the ones on her face with a scarf. I asked her if she could stand up. She said it was too painful but with encouragement, prayer and our hands helping, she lifted her body up from her squatted position.

Tammy had multiple strokes and heart attacks. I was amazed she was still alive. She was hard to understand, possibly from all the strokes. More prayers and she started to sing old gospel songs. She said she knew God and she believed He was with her on the streets. Another man came by with a bible and he started to pray with us too. We all ended up at breakfast together. She said the women’s shelter wouldn’t house her the night before because she wasn’t complying with some of their rules. I wanted her to go to the hospital but she said most who did that from the streets didn’t come out alive.

After we left we promised Tammy we’d bring some clothes and blankets to her that night but when we went back we couldn’t find her. She seemed to be popular with the homeless crowd but no one knew where she was.

Sometimes I still look for her in the faces of other homeless people downtown and wonder if she’s doing OK. Homelessness is a big problem, but maybe that day we gave Tammy just a little bit of hope in a dark place.



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Courage in the Face of Adversity

CourageWhat do you do in the face of adversity?  Do you run and hide, clench your fists, get upset, shut down or become discouraged?  I confess I’ve done all these when crushing circumstances, events and people rained down more than I could bear. For a while I couldn’t understand how my God, the one I submitted to again and again, could allow so many disappointments and pain all at once. I kept searching my heart and posing questions in prayer–Have I done something awful that I’m not even aware of to cause this?  Sometimes I would be shown what I needed to work through and that was the easy part because I could work on my own stuff. But the hard part was dealing with what others had done against me. I didn’t know how to handle the wisdom while the offenders showed no sign of repentance or responsibility. I had to ask in prayer so many times to please help me forgive because I knew I wouldn’t be able to on my own. I was assured that God was there to help but there were times the adversity was so intense that the only way to handle it all was to pray sorrowfully–sometimes for hours.

Eventually, I started to learn to be thankful even in the midst of the pain. I’d sing and give praises looking for anything small that I could be grateful for–A bird singing, a new bud on a rose bush or a summer rain storm.

There are many good biblical examples of a single person overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, like Queen Esther, Daniel, and David, but when your story steps into that picture of odds stacked against you it’s not easy to walk through it all. We are told that God is with us though and that’s where the comfort comes from. His presence of peace is worth more than any human can offer. And, what or who can stand against the great I Am? That knowledge alone can make us courageous in the face of adversity.

“Sing to the Lord! For though I was poor and needy he rescued me from my oppressors.”  Jeremiah 20:13



Living Out Loud and the Power of the Cross

Have you ever read What Color is Your Parachute? It’s the book they recommend you read after high school or college to figure out how to get a job.

I hadn’t read it until recently I decided to pick it up at the library after being stumped as to why I was having difficulty finding more work projects.


One of the chapters in the latest version talks about how Google is your new resume. So I naturally did a Google search on my name and found an article I had written just a year before saying the salvation prayer at a Joel Osteen event. I had forgotten I wrote it as a guest blogger on a friend’s blog. After reading the article I began thinking, uh, oh this is one of those things the book is talking about scrubbing.

My first instinct was to contact my friend and ask that he remove the article or at least take my name off it, but as I was brushing my teeth this morning a new thought came to me. What if that article shows the power of the cross and how it can change people’s lives? I could hide from it by asking that he remove it. But was the better response to keep it as a way to show how I’ve changed to someone who is continually changing? Could it also reveal the beauty of how Christ, in his kindness, showed reasons for that behavior? We are told that he doesn’t leave us half finished but carries us all the way through. I decided that’s the better story and made a decision to keep it out there.

Matthew 10:26  says “Do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.”

So I guess it comes down to this. Will the person who is googling my name really believe 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. Or will I be judged as if I am still that old person? The chapter in the book I’m just starting to read is titled “You Need to Understand More Fully Who You Are” based on the author’s idea that rather than finding a job that you can change for, you match a job to who you are. That sounds like a great plan and one we were told about in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…”

So I’m going to make a bold statement. Why not display some of the things you aren’t proud of doing before you became a Christian to show people how far you’ve come? It can be dangerous. People may mock you, scold you or make you an outcast but at least unbelievers will have a harder time using that word that keeps them away from us “hypocrites”.


Cinderella Story

Cinderella Story


Paper Doll Love

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As an adult, I still like to play with paper dolls so here’s me cutting out outfits from fashion magazines and pretending like I’m 7 years old again.  It’s my Throwback Thursday Thing.


Celebrating 12 Days of Christmas-Epiphany Day 12

Like most of the research I conducted earlier regarding the celebration of the twelve days of Christmas, some of the meanings of each day’s celebration tended to get a bit blurry so after day seven I stopped recording until the last day,  Epiphany.
Some of the things I did on the days leading up to the end of the Christmas season included meeting with my sister and her two kids in Newport Beach where we exchanged presents. They were visiting from out of town.  We ate pizza at a traditional looking Italian pizza parlor and navigated a shaky four seater bicycle down the boardwalk–her kids in the adult seats while we adults crammed into the kids’. Since it was snowy and cold at their home, it was a big change for them to be on the beach boardwalk.
As the work week began the season seemed to get lost until Epiphany. On that day, the best present I received was an answer to prayer in attracting like-minded people to my spontaneous writing group. Two new people showed up–one was producing a movie about two friends, one with a disability and in a wheel chair and the other pushing him on the 500 mile journey of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  The other person quoted a verse from 1 Corinthians in her writing.  Then, I decided to get a late lunch after a staff meeting and ran into a writer that had previously attended the group.  I had lunch and good conversation with her and her friend.  That evening, I read a new book about a California mission. So, I learned more about the history of the church, overall a great way to celebrate the last Holy day.
According to ChristianityToday.com, “Epiphany is the day the celebration of Christmas comes to an end…Epiphany commemorates the beginning of the proclamation of the gospel—Christ’s manifestation to the nations, as shown in three different events: the visit of the Magi, the baptism of Jesus, and the turning of water into wine.”

The article from ChristianityToday continues, “Following Jesus, we have been baptized into his death and resurrection. Whether we are called to martyrdom, or to prophetic witness, or simply to faithful living in the joys and sorrows of our daily lives, we live all of our days in the knowledge of our dignity, redeemed through Christ and united to God. We are part of the strange society of people whose world has been turned upside down, and we go out to witness to this topsy-turvy truth: “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…”


Celebrating 12 Days of Christmas-Day 7

New Years Day is Day 7 of the 12 days of Christmas.

At our church’s New Years’s Eve service, we were told what the word of 2015 would be.  It was announced that the word was B-O-L-D Bold.  The content of the sermon included the two sides of God-the Lion and the Lamb and that the Lion side of His nature would appear more in the New Year.  What a surprise then, or was it,  to wake up on New Year’s Day with the front page of our local newspaper with this article about Pope Francis being the person of the year.  The word BOLD was prominently displayed in the title of the article.


I got to thinking about what that word BOLD  means to me.  I pondered how sometimes people like to take each letter of a word and make additional meaning to it and came up with this expanded meaning for me.





The word inspired me to start to take action to get things done on the dreams that I have desired for a long time. The desires that He put in me. After spending 2014 doing some major inner healing work, being very quiet and often times alone among the sheep, this new word encourages the Lion in me to step out in the accompaniment of our Lord and get things done. There’s all those dreams that have been brewing and all those items yet to be realized. It’s time now to do them. To roar, to stand up, to fight if needed to be all that the Lion and Lamb has promised all of us to be.


Celebrating 12 Days of Christmas-Day 4

On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me

Four Calling Birds

Three French Hens

Two Turtle Doves

and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

On the Voice website (crivoice.org) the author of the Twelve Days of Christmas article, Dennis Bratcher, correlates the twelve days of Christmas song to biblical references.  On the fourth day of Christmas he states that the four calling birds are the “four gospels 1) Matthew , 2) Mark, 3)Luke, 4) John, which proclaim the Good News God’s reconciliation of the world to Himself in Jesus Christ.”