A Modern Day Cinderella Short Memo Story

The internal memo read “Star in this year’s annual company play Cinderella.”

Claire looked at the imposing memo with dread.  For too many years she had passed up on trying out for a performance. At last year’s annual review Mrs. Teasdale’s only complaint of her otherwise stellar work performance was that she hadn’t put herself in the limelight more at work. She said many of the higher ups didn’t know who she was because of it.

“You know Claire, ” Mrs. Teasdale had said, “you’re a star waiting to happen.  You just haven’t happened yet.”

Claire wasn’t clear if what Mrs. Teasdale said was a put down or a compliment but she wasn’t going to ruin her excellent work history by a little thing like missing out on a play.  Claire grabbed the memo, wrote Cinderella on top, and got to work.

….How would you continue the story? Will Claire try out for the play or miss out once again?

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