10 Steps to Consider in Reaching Your Destiny

Last night I was watching the Daystar network’s Joni Lamb’s Table Talk with John Paul Jackson. The show was about things that might be keeping you from your destiny.  The discussion made a lot of sense to me and I could relate to having to deal with almost every one of the issues they talked about. I think some of their ideas are worth considering if you’re still trying to make it into your own promised land.

The following are notes from the show and in some cases I’ve added my own solutions.

If you’ve studied the bible you might remember from the old testament the story of how the Israelites were having trouble entering into the promised land.

Based on this story, Jackson said that there are giants standing in the way of the promised land and we need to consider these same things in order to make it into our own destinies. According to him there are three nations that can be conquered on our own without God but that we need to be careful we don’t think it is us alone conquering these nations. Then he said that there are seven nations that can only be conquered with God’s help.

He stated the ones that can be conquered on our own (but should still be conquered with God) include the nations:

1. Kenite-This shows up as false accusations and is designed to make you defensive and focused on your own issues so that you forget about the big picture and not on solutions. You may face constant criticism and get so exhausted defending yourself you’ll make detours. Solution: Allow God to Defend You.
2. Kennizite-Signs of this nation include possessiveness and a facade. You may not walk into what you were created for. You’ll have to prove yourself to people.  Solution:  Walk in Humility.
3. Kadmonite-This nation looks like a religious spirit of tradition with the idea that “old wine is good enough”.  It’s the idea that you’re approved based on your works.  Solution:  Walk in Grace.

The one’s that can’t be conquered unless God is with you are:

1.  Hittite-If you’re experiencing terror or fear, you’re probably dealing with this nation.  Solution: Allow Him to Conquer.
2.  Perizzite-This causes some to “squat” and stay the same or not bother trying.  Solution:  Ask God to Help You Keep Moving Forward.
3.  Rephaim-This will make you want to flee and give up.  Solution:  God Wants Us to Face These Things so That They Will Make us Stronger.
4.  Amorite-You’ll feel an inferiority complex or think people are talking about you.  You might withdraw and worry about what other people are saying. Solution:  Ask God to Help You Face the Issue Head On.
5.  Canaanite-You might become zealous or act prematurely with this nation.  You may step out of God’s timing. Solution: Ask God to Help You Be Patient and Wait For the Right Time.
6.  Girgashite-Dealing with this nation may make you feel like a stranger or out of place. Solution:  Remember Your Identity in Christ.
7.  Jebusite-This nation makes you feel down trodden or depressed and you might carry a victim mentality.  Solution:  (based on Proverbs 12:25)…a kind word cheers it (the heart) up.

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Matthew 19:26  Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

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  • Nina Ruth Mar 20, 2014

    Great article, and makes a lot of sense to learn to walk in the opposite spirit, as you suggest at the end of each one.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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