5 Spiritual Lessons We Can Learn From the Movie Maleficent

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1. Sometimes our wings are stolen from us, but we can still recover from the loss.

We’re often hurt in life by betrayals from others but as long as we can find a place to heal our hearts we can get back our wings and fly again.

2.  Our first impressions aren’t always accurate–Learn to discern the truth.

I’ve learned that sometimes what at first appears to look scary has an inside that is beautiful, and that sometimes pretty exteriors don’t have very nice interiors.

3.  Even when a curse is spoken over us, there is a way out from under it.

The light will always trump the dark so even if something is thrown in our way to trip us up, we’ll get back on the right path eventually.

4.  Our relatives aren’t always the ones who love us the most.

It’s interesting how people show up in our lives at just the right time occasionally and they can often be more of an important influence in our lives than our family members.

5.  True loves comes in many different forms.

Although we’re trained at an early age to think of true love as that one special romantic relationship, we often overlook the people who really love us in the process of searching for that romance.

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