Laughing in the Rain


Sometimes I’ve heard people say we’re not supposed to look for signs from God to prove His reality or presence, but then if you think about all the stories in the bible about how He made Himself known in such miraculous ways and through nature, I wonder if we often miss out on how He speaks to us by trying to temper this idea down.

Last weekend while at church and waving my bulletin in front of my face because it was hot, the air conditioning finally kicked in and the pastor made a comment about the thankfulness of cool air.  A little while into his sermon it appeared the air conditioning was on full blast as the noise was becoming rather loud.

He stopped speaking and asked the crowd, “Is that rain?”

Someone in the back of the room shouted “yes.”

The pastor started laughing while the congregation quietly clapped.  Just so you know the place and time, it was early September in San Diego where things like loud rain storms don’t happen in the middle of the summer and in a very long drought season.

I felt something good bubbling up and kicking in the middle of my stomach. It was a mix of thanksgiving, gratitude, the wonders of what God can do to show His love for His people, and really an amazing sense of well being that is hard to put in words.

When the service was over we walked out to a bright and sunny day with the only reminder of that rain storm in dried up droplets of blotchy patterns on my car.  I drove away laughing and found myself chuckling internally for the rest of the day. As I sat and pondered His love for us, I had thought about what the pastor had said the weekend before. If I remember correctly he was talking about how God had controlled the timing of things when he had opened Rachel’s womb in the Genesis story, and he had made it a point that there were three ways that God did this, one of the ways was opening the womb of a barren woman, another of the ways was controlling rain.

Some may reason that there has been tropical rain storms in Mexico and so it was just a natural situation.  But I say God at just the right time, likes to make Himself known to the people who love him doing things like showering down a rain cloud at just the right time. I bet He was laughing while He was doing this too.

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  • Angela Sep 11, 2014

    Janene, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I totally agree with you that God makes Himself known to us in just the right moments. I often think of God chuckling as He enjoys us, His children. I think He’s just so loving like that!

    • Janene Roberts Sep 11, 2014

      Hi Angela, yes a loving God and oh how He enjoys us. I need reminders of that sometimes 🙂

  • Sarah Donegan Sep 13, 2014

    Laughing with you! God is good!

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