Psalm 42, A Reading

Hi All,
This is Janene. I have been learning Adobe Premiere Video editing software and how to record on Garage Band. I am sharing with you a reading of Psalm 42 that I produced yesterday with both programs.

The other day, the sky in the Carolinas was so beautiful I had to capture it. So, the video in the background sets the scene for the production.

I also wrote and played the background music on the guitar, which I am also learning. I have spent a lot of time educating myself and growing and hope that in some way this process will benefit others.

The basis for the Psalm, according to one rendition, is that King David wrote it when “he found himself in a place of discouragement, looking back over the Jordan Valley.”

I hope you will see that even in the midst of his discouragement, he finds something to hold onto. Click here to listen.

I would appreciate any feedback as it helps when you’re in a learning process.