Five Things to Do To Help While Hibernating At Home

It seems all of us have more time to get projects around the house done that we’ve been putting off. The laundry pile might be lower, the house possibly a bit cleaner, more books have been read and you’ve tried that homemade recipe you’ve been meaning to get to. But once all those chores are done, now what can you do to make a difference in other people’s lives?

1.  Connect with family and friends. Now that we have more time, why not connect with family and friends we haven’t spoken to in a while? You can call them on the phone. Or, use one of the video meeting sites through zoom or google. You can also send letters or postcards to friends and family far away.  The Sincerely app has a goal to send one million Americans a free postcard in 30 days. Just use the Ink Cards app on your mobile device.

2.  Network with your neighbors. Most of us get too busy with our lives to even say hello to our neighbors. A wave is the most common expression. But what if one of our neighbors is struggling but doesn’t want to let people know?  Tell them you care by dropping them a note, or a gift basket with supplies, or an offer to connect remotely.

3.  Donate your time or money. If you have extra resources of time or money, find charities in your area that are helping people in this time of crisis.  If you’re healthy, help pass out food to needy people. Contact churches or non-profits in your area. Places to consider are Meals on Wheels or Save the Children. 

4.  Support small businesses. As the economy takes a hit, small business owners and their employees are some of the first to struggle. You can purchase gift cards or items online to support your favorite small business.

5.  Focus on love. Instead of watching news reports all day long which can cause you to focus on fear, why not spend time considering that love conquers fear? Stay up-to-date on what is happening but spend the rest of your time being productive and taking care of yourself and your family members in your household. Pray, make healthy meals, get enough sleep and exercise. There are many good online exercise programs on video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. 

Finally, be grateful for your health and the health of your loved ones. You are making a difference.

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