Choosing Your Feminine Destiny


I’ve always liked fairy tales.  I believe most women, regardless of how young or old they are, wish they could be like least for a day or two.  After talking with a lot of different women throughout my life I think even the roughest ones, if you scrub off the harsh exterior, like putting on a little makeup, enjoy a lavish dessert, want to be adored by a man, and would just, really, like to feel like a lady.

Nowadays it seems for most of us getting to indulge in a lady-like lifestyle feels like a luxury. So, how do we, having been made women, seek to live out that destiny?  A destiny where enjoying security, peace and love in our lives, putting on a pretty dress, working at jobs we are passionate about, being taken care of by a man, having children, and engaging in meaningful friendships is the norm rather than a fantasy?

I hope to explore those ideas with you here.  I believe if we choose to live out our female destinies Cinderella won’t seem like such a fantasy after all.

In the meantime, while those of us who decide to choose that road stumble along the way, I will post encouraging stories of woman who have made it there or are clearly on the way.  Transformed lives and happy endings make for great stories and help encourage each of us to press on.

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  • Moneda Ruble Oct 30, 2013

    Janene, It is so timely that you are on this road. I am rolling out a blog in January. Mine is for encouragement too. I have so many experiences in my life that I have learned lessons from that I want to give women…and men if they are interested, anecdotes they can use. When I get closer I will check with you about including your link on subjects that are parallel. I attended your Memoir Class in 2008. I appreciate staying in touch on FB & here.

    • Janene Roberts Oct 31, 2013

      Hi Moneda, That sounds wonderful. I enjoyed hearing your stories during the memoir class and am sure you’ll have lots of good content. Let me know when you’re up and running and we can link up.

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