Learn How to Live Your Dream Through A Generous Spirit

Tammy Rimes

Tammy Rimes

“I don’t think people realize,” Tammy Rimes is telling me, “what you have to go through to live your dream life. That’s why I wrote this book, I wanted to tell people what it takes to make your dreams into a reality.”

I was sitting down with Ms. Rimes after contacting her to find out more about her new book Drink Fine Wine…Ride Fine Horses, Leading the Life of Your Dreams.

“Come down for a complimentary glass of wine and a free copy of my book,” she replied when I had first contacted her. This generous spirit that she has translates into all she does and is weaved throughout her stories in her new book.

By the time I finished reading it I was ready to map out my own dream.

“What’s the best thing about living your dream life,” I ask her while I sip a glass of Hacienda de la Rosas, her and her husband’s winery, Cabernet Sauvignon.

“I enjoy sharing what we have.  Recently my youngest son was in the old town tasting room with his friends and it was so fun to have my children at our place of business. We had a barbecue for about twelve different couples. It was great to see that we’ve created a legacy.”

I prompt her with more questions.

“What was one of your biggest challenges?”

“When we first started we had three young children. I worked full time at a day job so I was balancing managing the tasting room with the job and the kids. It was a time of overwhelm,” she states and goes on, “you always have to be ready for plan B.  I’m the plan B extraordinaire. As long as you know your ultimate goal you can get there.”

When Rimes was a little girl she wanted to be a jockey.  When she grew taller than most of her schoolmates the jockey dream was out for her but instead of giving up on the idea of being around horses she decided she would own a horse ranch instead.  That dream came into reality years later after she married her husband William and they stumbled upon a ranch house in Ramona with 600 dead apple trees and room for horses.  She’d get her horses and William would get grape vines in place of the dead apple trees.

After sitting with her, that encouraging spirit got me excited about reading her book and while reading it I couldn’t help but fill out the questions she has for the reader along the way.

One of my favorite questions in the book, “If you were to achieve one of your big goals this year, how could you reward yourself or celebrate with those special people in your life?  Write it down and do it!” really brings all her knowledge together.  Focusing on the celebration with your friends at the end of the journey made me realize that it really isn’t how you get there, as long as you do.

The road hasn’t always been easy for Rimes and there are still challenges that she and William have to overcome, but her attitude of encouragement and generosity and the fact that she’s already accomplished so much make her a true Cinderella.

If you’re trying to figure out how to map out your own dream life, whatever it is, I would encourage you to purchase her book and take the actions she recommends.  You can always stop by the Old Town or Ramona tasting rooms, and share your own journey with the couple.  I’m sure they’d love to hear how you got to your dream life too.

Tammy’s books are available on her website, www.sdwinery.com or through Shop Amazon – Save Up to 20% on Books Visit their tasting room in Old Town San Diego at 2754 Calhoun Street inside the Fiesta de Reyes Plaza.

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