Beauty At Any Age

Ever since I was a kid in the elementary school yard and a boy called a man who looked like my grandpa’s age “old” and other nasty things I won’t type here, I’ve had a frustration with how some treat older people.  In the past I allowed our youth obsessed culture to affect my mind so much that when I turned 30 I thought my life was over.  Now, years later, I’m happy that I’m past that worry.  Well Ok, mostly past it.  Despite any fears though, I think that regardless of how old we are we still want to look good. As people take better care of themselves maybe age won’t be such an indicator of their beauty.  And, I believe there is such a thing as internal beauty that surpasses any plastic surgery or other enhancements one might try to use to create a sense of youth.

So, when I was reading the September issue of Riviera San Diego, and happened upon an article about Ari Seth Cohen who created a blog focused solely on fashionable senior citizens in New York City, I figured maybe he’s helping change that old mind set just a little.  And, scrolling through the posts I have to say these women and men are something to aspire to.  They let their personalities really shine through in how they dress. Maybe they’ll give us all the courage to dress the way we really want to regardless of our age.  I think Seth’s blog is a great example of beauty at any age.

Check it out.

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