Chardonnay Baked Pears

This morning I decided to make Chardonnay baked pears with honey from the recipe book Inn Food Seasonal Breakfast in the Wine Country by Gillian Kite. My trip to Napa Valley with a stay at the Craftsman Inn this past summer came back to life when my friend Suzy bought me the recipe book as a Christmas present and we spent an evening making Christmas Scones (one of the best scone recipes I’ve tried and I’ve been searching for years). Our stay included delightful breakfasts direct from the recipe book and Gillian and her staff were lovely hosts. Later during the Christmas season my sister Laurie sent a surprise Harry and David package to me that included six pears, one wrapped in gold foil. So, this morning having three pears left and getting near the end of their life cycle, I thought I’d try out another recipe from the book. The whole house has the sweetest scent in the air after baking the pears for 45 minutes. I can’t wait to enjoy the end result tomorrow for breakfast. I recommend staying at the Inn and enjoying the full experience, but if not at least get the recipe book.

photoMy result doesn’t look exactly like the picture, but hey this is real life.

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  • Merle Dec 14, 2014

    I saw the recipe for Chardonnay Baked Pears in a magazine, and I want to try it, but the oven temperature was not given, just the baking time of 45 minutes. What temperature did you use? BTW the recipe calls for Comice pears, but I couldn’t get those, so I’m using Asian pears.

    • Janene Roberts Dec 26, 2014

      Hi, I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to respond. The temperature is 375 degrees. You may have already found your answer. Hopefully you enjoyed the outcome.

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