Changing Bad Days to Good

I’m having a hard day today.

Sometimes it’s tough to stay positive when that happens.  What’s even more difficult is when you’re having continuing bad days.  It can even get to a point where you wonder if things are ever going to change.

What are the ways that pick you up from that?  How do you stay encouraged when your circumstances aren’t that great?15-free-butterfly-clip-art-l

For me it usually starts with small things.  Maybe a butterfly crosses your path and for a moment you appreciate the beauty of the colors in the wings.  Then, someone buys you a cup of coffee.  You say thanks and decide to turn on some uplifting music.  You start feeling a little better so you shoot off an encouraging email to a friend.  Another friend calls you on the phone and tells you a story of something wonderful that happened to them.  You start having a little hope for yourself. After work you take an exercise class and feel energetic so you become creative and try that recipe you’ve been saving for dinner.  Before you realize it, you’ve forgotten what was making you so upset and can say,

“Hey, that was a great day.”

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