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Ahhh Disneyland

Ahhh Disneyland

One of the ways I like to relieve stress or plan an easy and fun activity with friends is to collage. All you need are some old magazines or found objects that you find inspiring, cardboard, a glue stick, and if you want to have a glossy finish, a varnish. For this one I used the Art Store’s gloss medium & vanish for acrylics. I decided to make collages on both sides of two 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardboard pieces I had held onto from something that had been mailed to me, and then made three hole punches on both pieces. I added collage lined paper, and tied it all together with ribbon I had saved. I even added a little lock and key charm I had kept from a hair product to the top hole and tied it together with the ribbon. Ta da. An easy and quick journal I love taking with me on the go to jot down ideas and inspirations.

≈Special thanks to Pamela Underwood’s Artist Way group for getting me started on this type of collaging.  You can find art classes on her website:  Pamela Underwood Art Studo

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