You are Beautiful, Coffee For Your Heart Day

little-heart-thYou are beautiful.  Do you hear that phrase whispering to you?  It’s underneath all that other stuff you are hearing.

You are beautiful despite the magazine saying you need to weigh 120 pounds and be five foot ten.

You are beautiful when you wake up in the morning, all fresh from sleep and unmasked.


You are beautiful when no one’s looking, and when everyone’s looking.

You are beautiful when the rain poured down and messed up the hairdo you spent 20 minutes this morning creating.

You are beautiful past the age of 30.

You are beautiful even when the years of doubt, rejections or criticisms have taken over that whisper.little-heart-th

You are beautiful all curly-haired even when you wish it were straight.

You are most beautiful when you are exactly as you were made to be.

Can you hear that whisper yet?  Maybe there’s a little bit of hope, that yes you can really believe that you are beautiful?


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  • Rachael Jan 23, 2014

    There are many of those scenarios above when I don’t feel very beautiful. But yes, I hear the truth and the hope that the Lord makes beauty out of ashes and when He does that a messy head, age, nor an unmasked face can undo His beautiful work in our lives! Blessings to you! love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart

    • Janene Roberts Jan 23, 2014

      Thanks. I understand the beauty from ashes you mention. It reminds me of Gungor’s Beautiful Things song. Some days I would just listen and hit repeat. 🙂

  • Ruth Ayres Jan 23, 2014

    Your repetition throughout is powerful. I’m glad you took the time to put some words on the page.

    • Janene Roberts Jan 23, 2014

      Thanks for the rah, rah. And, I read your unbeautiful moments post. You said so much in so few words. Nice.

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