You Are Loved, Coffee for Your Heart Day

Holley Gerth in her blog,, has asked us all to make Wednesday a day for Coffee for Your Heart.  Since I love coffee and focusing on the heart isn’t too shabby of an idea, I’ve taken up the challenge.  She also gives a prompt for your post and any one of my writer friends will tell you how much they enjoy a good prompt.


Today it’s the idea that You Are Loved.  She was even brave enough to post a video sans makeup, before a shower with proclamations that she didn’t have it all together this week.

I think that’s really the basis of being loved.   The true test of friendships or really anything in life is noticing when the going gets tough who is still sticking around?  When we’re at our worst–complaining, smelly, and unkind–who is telling you that they still love you?

Lately, I’ve been so exhausted that my house and car aren’t in the order that I used to like them to be in and I’m starting to be fine with that. Before, I was almost robotically going about my chores as if I would get fined for having a dish in the sink or clothes unlaundered.  My car’s passenger seat still has the Happy New Year hat I wore on New Year’s Eve, a pair of jeans I changed out of before playing volleyball, traces of lavender plants I used to make a friend’s birthday present, and some papers I’d rather not deal with at the moment.  Untidy, yes.  Unlike myself?  Yes, but maybe no.  I’m starting to realize as I become more of who I was created to be as an artist and writer, I’m not really that clean. I love to play around in the kitchen and sample new recipes.  I really hate cleaning up afterward.  My paint brushes often get ruined because I didn’t take the time to properly clean them.

Now, just because I lean this way doesn’t get me out of the chores of life.  It really just gives me a little compassion for myself.  And, surprisingly, I’ve found that there are some people in this world that receive great joy from cleaning a house, or organizing files.

So, that’s what I want to tell you today.

That I know of at least one person (hint it’s not a person that you can actually see) that truly loves you just as you were made to be.  All your quirks, your beauty, your untidiness is exactly what makes you, well you.

So be yourself exactly as you were made to be and notice who is still sticking around.  Those are the people who truly do love you.  And I’ve noticed a curious thing, most of the times it’s not the people you would expect, and it’s a small remnant few.  But, oh how precious they are.

You are loved exactly as you are.


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  • Nay @ coffee-n-ink Jan 15, 2014

    Thank you for such a thoughtful post…
    “All your quirks” that was for me, I just know it.

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