Cinderella For A Day

Last year I posted this story on my winetasting blog ( and think it is appropriate for a story here.  Who would’ve known almost a year later I would start a new site on all things Cinderella?

December 3, 2012

Most days as a media planner and buyer and part-time writer, a computer screen and the inside of the office are the only companions for the day. But one day two weeks ago, that work day world changed for an entire day. It started with a press lunch at Thornton Winery in Temecula. From there, a Julia Child cooking class put on by the San Diego Wine and Food Festival was in order and to end the evening was a UTC Mall Grand re-opening party with Riviera Magazine where Natasha Bedingfield would sing Unwritten. The day did sort of feel like there was a blank page before me. But there was no time for reflection as time was ticking away.


The day started at the Thornton Winery. You might want to get there for their holiday events. Some people have created a tradition of spending Christmas and New Years at Thornton. The items that were sampled at the press lunch will be on the menu over the holidays. All I can say is I couldn’t decide on a favorite. Everything I tasted was notable. But I have to say I’m not one to get excited over bread pudding however, their salted caramel butterscotch bread pudding with the caramel & cherry kiss wine was a very memorable ending.

I could’ve spent all day searching the Thornton castle for a a fairy godmother.


And, I almost bought a glass shoe,  but time was moving ahead and the cooking class was next.  I did take a moment to purchase a bottle of Thornton’s Suite wine, a mix of red wines and just right for the holidays.

The San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival hosted the Celebrating Julia Past and Present cooking class at the San Diego Wine & Culinary center. Chefs RJ Cooper and Katsuya Fukushima presented classic Julia dishes with a twist. The most interesting twist was learning the new trend of dirt and ash as part of a dining experience. Dirt consisted of rye cocoa replacer, cocoa nips, hazelnuts, and roasted coffee beans and was served with Duck a l’Orange. Ash is apple peels charred to bits.


Duck a l’Orange with “dirt”


Full from all the bites, the next event was the Riviera Magazine UTC mall re-opening party.  These pictures tell all.

The night was coming to a close and the clock was ticking. Natasha sang Unwritten and it was a day to remember. The question, was this just a one day occurrence or could I expect more of these types of exciting days? I searched but couldn’t find a pumpkin. The rest is still unwritten.


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