Write Now-Writing Prompt

Write with us virtually. I’ve recently started a writing practice group and would like to share our writing prompts from the last session. Writing practice is the process of writing spontaneously without thinking about what you’re writing. You set a time limit. In this latest practice session we wrote the first prompt for 10 minutes and the second prompt for seven minutes. Here are some points to remember when you’re practicing. Keep writing during the whole set time regardless of whether you can think of anything. Usually, there’s so much you think about it’s hard to write it down fast enough. Don’t edit during this time or think about correct spelling and punctuation. You want to just let your hand go with the first thoughts that come to mind. Consider detail and showing what you’re writing about. I’ve found that dialog helps me keep from showing versus telling.

These prompts were taken from Debbie Macomber’s Once Upon a Time book.

Prompt #1 (10 minutes): Write about your childhood home. [As you’re writing think about what you would say to people if you were giving them a tour. Show all the details, the good, the bad, and the quirky].

Prompt #2: (7 minutes): There was once a man…[Start with this beginning line and see where it goes from there].

Please share your writing in the comments section or if you’d like read it with your family at the dinner table, or with your friends at the coffee shop.