The 2023 Holiday Season Begins

So, it’s the Christmas season. This year, I’m trying to find ways to celebrate despite a lot of false starts and disappointments. After many years of fighting problems, it’s time to look toward a more hopeful future. I was in Denver most of last year, trying to find business opportunities. Although my initial project didn’t go as planned, I ended up pivoting it into a book. I also spent time painting and working on creative writing pieces, which in the past I didn’t have much time for. 

Through all of it, I’ve found ways to enjoy myself with little income, including tracking my food expenses, which is where the start of the book idea came from  Anyone who wants to save a few bucks, with a little pre-planning, can use it to monitor what they’re doing. 

I also spent time editing a novel. It is slow going, and sometimes I wonder if it will ever get completed or picked up. I’ve found though, like a lot of things, writing needs to be marinated for a while. So, I often set things aside, and then pick the piece back up when I’m ready to take another stab at it with fresh eyes and a different perspective. I often wish that creative projects wouldn’t take so much time. But, I guess that’s the way the genre goes.

So, in the meantime I started learning to play the guitar. It’s a good way to relax and ponder ideas, like the meaning of life. 

I hope this season brings much joy, love and peace to you and yours.