The Harvest Season Is Approaching

As Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, it’s time to think about the harvest season. As a kid, I couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating as memories of pillowcases full of candy encouraged me, my siblings and neighbors to stay out late to see how full our bags could get. It wasn’t until tragedy struck one Halloween Eve, and then that Halloween night when an older man in a car chased us down a dark street–three of us ducking into a neighbor’s backyard until the car disappeared–that I realized real frightening experiences weren’t much fun.

Ask anyone who’s gone through terrorizing experiences if they enjoy being a part of petrifying things, they will probably say they stopped watching horror movies because it became too real for them.

That’s when people who have been spooked in real life will tell you they started looking at alternative ways to enjoy the season.

So, if you want to protect you and your loved ones and are looking for other ways to enjoy yourselves here are a few ideas. Check the listings in your local area. Most likely you’ll find you will have a deluge of options that will lift up your spirit.

[You’ll have to skip past the events that already passed or mark your calendars for next year]

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