What Is Love?

I remember one of the early teachers I listened to talked about Agape love. I didn’t really understand it then, but I’m starting to now. So, basically what she was saying was that there are different types of love. Most of us are familiar with Eros, which is erotic love and what we celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

But what, exactly, is Agape love? The definition from britannica.com is that the meaning comes from the New Testament and represents “The fatherly love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God.” According to scripture, this type of love is the highest form of love. There is also Philia, which is brotherly love, like the love you have for your friends.

So when you say, “I love you” which of these types of love are you referring to? At times, others might misinterpret those words and sometimes we have to guess which version someone is giving us. When you sign your name after the word love, you’re probably using Philia. When a preacher is saying I love you, most likely he’s referring to Agape. And when your significant other is saying I love you, often they’re using the Eros version.

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, you’re probably thinking about Eros. If you haven’t gotten your partner a gift yet, here are a few small items they might enjoy. I think it’s the thought that counts and not necessarily the size of the gift.

I hope you will experience all the types of love that word implies.

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