A Reading for the New Year

I’ve shared work-in-progress updates before so I thought I’d give you a link to a video I created even though it’s not perfect. Watch here. I think the passage I chose is a good and encouraging one to contemplate for the year. The photos and videos were taken while traveling throughout the U.S. The music is from a song I wrote.

So anyway because, hey, I’m not perfect and I tried to find answers to the problem I was having, I decided to post it anyway. I searched YouTube videos for guidance and asked a video editor, but with all the efforts I made I couldn’t find the solution. You’ll probably notice that some of the type I added on top of the moving segments seems a little blurry. I wanted to highlight positive words, so decided to keep all of them in.

These work-in-progress videos all started last year when I planned to learn Adobe Premiere Pro which is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software platform that is used for “editing videos, commercials, film, television and online videos.” A class I wanted to take didn’t fit into my schedule so I’ve been learning the program on my own with the help of YouTube videos that address issues I come across. If you have any suggestions or know the solution to the problem, please comment. Thanks for watching.